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‘China And Pakistan Posing New Challenges To India’s Nuclear Doctrine And Posture’

NEW DELHI: India’s strategic environment is getting more complex given the expanding nuclear arsenals of China and Pakistan and their collusion. 

In this conversation on The Gist, Brig. Arun Sahgal, a specialist on strategic and regional security at the Delhi Policy Group, argues that India needs to redo its planning and preparation for a possible nuclear confrontation with China and/or Pakistan. Or it could even be China using Pakistan as a proxy in a nuclear confrontation with India.
Today, China’s strategic rocket forces can even be used in a conventional role, which is an entirely new and disturbing development.  Important to note that China is not party to any strategic arms control treaties. As for Pakistan, its strategic arsenal continues to expand, helped in no small measure by China. Armed with tactical nuclear weapons, Pakistani field commanders could have freedom to use their weapons or risk being overrun by an attacking Indian force.
What are India’s options? Tune in to this conversation with Brig Arun Sahgal on The Gist.

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