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‘A Desi Space Station Of About 20-Tonnes Is Doable’

NEW DELHI: The government’s decision to throw open space programmes to private industry and enterprise could be criticised as late, yet as the saying goes: better late than never and India has developed distinct strengths. For example, there’s the Indian Space Research Organisation as the premier space agency, the Defence Space Agency overseeing space warfare and satellite intelligence and the growing number of private players developing launch vehicles and satellite constellations.

In this conversation on The Gist, Chaitanya Giri a specialist on space innovation and intelligence, argues that India’s plan for a 20-ton space station by 2030 is doable and has backing from Russia and France. More than that, a slew of launches over the next few years including a crewed space vehicle, will provide the ‘groundwork’ for the space station.

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He believes India must deftly avoid getting caught up in the rivalries between the US on the one hand, Russia and China on the other. Rather India should look to countries like France, Germany, the UAE and others that have small but no less ambitious space programmes underway.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Chaitanya Giri on The Gist.