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Ukraine Conflict: Why Xi Jinping Is Closely Watching The West

NEW DELHI: As the West tightens the sanctions leash on Russia for its attack on Ukraine, China is watching the events quite closely, especially the Western response. Despite his ideological affinities with Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping hasn’t supported Russia’s actions outright at the United Nations. If Russia gets bogged down in Ukraine, the West (read the United States) will turn its focus next on Chinese actions (in Xinjiang, Taiwan, South China Sea) and that will certainly make China uncomfortable, says China specialist Jayadeva Ranade. But if Xi Jinping senses any weakness in the way the West deals with Russia, he may just be tempted to flex his muscles with regard to Taiwan and the South China Sea, Ranade told StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale in this chat. Tune in for more.

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