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‘The Taliban Victory Gives Pakistan New Windows, New Opportunities For Terrorism’

NEWDELHI: The Taliban story is now well known and the key question is whether they have changed? Have they moderated their position on issues such as terrorism, the role of islam in everyday life, education for women and so on? We don’t know yet.

In this conversation on The Gist, Switzerland based Prem Mahadevan, specialist on terrorism and organised crime, argues that while hoping for the best India needs to prepare for the worst. Given the history of the Taliban, India could well see Pakistan-based terror groups quietly move across the Durand Line into Afghanistan and plan attacks on India from there. This would give Pakistan deniability.

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He warns that the millions of dollars worth of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan by the departing Americans, may well find its way into the hands of Jihadi groups. There is also evidence that Pakistan has been using LTTE connections with a view to striking at targets in southern India. There could also be “illogical attacks”, meaning a terror strike on targets that are of no tactical or other value but are only meant to confuse and obscure.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Prem Mahadevan.