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‘The Region Is Waking Up To The Implications Of A Taliban Ruled Afghanistan’

NEW DELHI: The world’s top intelligence and security honchos were in Delhi this week for talks, predominantly, it appears, on developments in Afghanistan. The head of Britain’s Mi6 agency slipped into the city quietly and was gone before the media woke up to his presence. The CIA chief William Burns also came down from Kabul before flying off to Islamabad.

In this conversation with Nandan Unnikrishnan, head of Russia studies at the Observer Research Foundation, StratNewsGlobal looks at these visits and also that of Nikolai Patrushev, Russia’s national security adviser. Ajit Doval was the key mover in all these dialogues and one understands that the head of the Intelligence Bureau also sat in on the exchanges, which is considered unusual.

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Clearly, the Taliban takeover of Kabul and much of Afghanistan, and the inauguration of the new government, has given cause for concern among all its neighbours. The big question at this point is whether this government, comprising US and UN designated terrorists with bounties on their heads, can be trusted at all.

Join us in this chat with Nandan Unnikrishnan on StratNewsGlobal.