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‘The Ethiopian Conflict Is Mired In Confusion And Misinformation’

NEW DELHI: The situation in Ethiopia is dire but confusion persists about the war on the ground: in this conversation on Stratnews Global with Samuel Getachew, a journalist based in Addis Ababa, it appeared that misinformation and fake news are making it difficult to tell just who is telling the truth or even what is the truth.

Getachew was in the region surrounding Addis Ababa some time ago and saw no evidence of fighting although soldiers were present. There was a lot of military movement, and refugees he spoke to said they were harassed, threatened, and there was evidence of sexual abuse by all sides in the conflict.

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He could not explain the precipitate withdrawal of the Ethiopian forces from Tigray within weeks of occupying it. Nor was he clear if neighbors like Egypt were involved given its concern over Ethiopia building a dam on the Nile. Is the US involved? For what reason, was not clear.

Tune in to this conversation with Samuel Getachew on StratNews Global.