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‘Russia’s Invasion Unacceptable, India Should Take A Strong Stand On The Inviolability Of Borders’

NEW DELHI: Romania’s Ambassador to India Daniela-Mariana Sezonov Ţane in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

Ambassador Ţane is adamant on “Romania condemning in the strongest possible terms Russia’s aggression, of a state invading another state trying to force a change of government, which is totally unacceptable”, adding, for India, “it’s no more a matter of choice. It’s a matter of principles, of international law, of respecting the most basic principle of the inviolability of borders. It’s necessary for India to take a stronger stance”

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The envoy, who was among the first batch of students studying Hindi in post-communist Romania, outlines information for Indian students and other citizens trying to leave Ukraine through Romania. She also elaborates on the situation in her country as tens of thousands of people flee the war, evacuation efforts, Bucharest sending provisions and equipment worth 3 million Euros to Ukraine, Romania joining sanctions against Russia, banning Russian aircraft from its airspace, being a NATO partner and European Union member, having an missile defence base, Russia-Ukraine talks, the “biggest fear if the war continues that the next step will be about the separatist movement in Transnistria, which has Russian connections, Moldova and Georgia being in “Russia’s eyesight” and finding solutions to dependence on Russian energy supplies.