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‘PUB-G, TikTok Are Banned But Back Under New Names’

NEW DELHI: Chinese apps banned last year in the wake of clashes in Ladakh, are making a stealthy come back. So whether it’s PUB-G or TikTok, both are back under different names with different IP addresses to conceal their common Chinese ownership. The alarming issue here is the Chinese government’s crackdown on its tech companies that has seen many of them come under the direct control of the communist party. This has broadened the nature of the threat India faces.

Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya,President of the Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research, says the Indian government needs an institutional framework to deal with this situation. Such a framework would be able to tackle these issues in real time, and be proactive about technology driven threats.

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Dr. Bhattacharya says the future is technology and India needs to be a developer and supplier of technology to the world, not a perpetual recipient.

Tune in to this conversation with Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya on Apps by Stealth.