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‘Sent More Than 1500 Indians Home Despite Iran Being Pandemic Epicentre, Strict Lockdown’

Editor’s note: This is a live unedited stream from Bandar Abbas, Iran and may experience technical network issues.

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NEW DELHI: Over 200 Indians are being brought back from Iran on board the Indian Naval amphibious warship INS Shardul. The first batch of 200 plus fishermen from Gujarat are being repatriated on a 1650 km journey from the Shaheed Bahonar port in Bandar Abbas, Iran to Porbandar, Gujarat.  Mridu Pawan Das, India’s deputy head of mission in Tehran speaks exclusively from Bandar Abbas to StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P.Revi on this phase of the government’s Operation Samudra Setu which is facilitating the return of Indian fishermen from Iran. This is part of the third phase of Vande Bharat Mission as announced by External Affairs Minister Dr Jaishankar last month. The Indian mission team led by Ambassador Gaddam Dharmendra is facilitating the repatriation. The Embassy in Tehran, and the consulates in Bandar Abbas, Zahedan are closely involved in the planning, coordinating, logistics and execution of the repatriation.