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‘Fighting In Tigray Has Died Down, The Pandemic Is Under Control’

NEW DELHI: Much of the news about Ethiopia these days has centered around the fighting in Tigray province between local militias and the federal forces, and the flood of refugees into neighbouring Sudan.  Although large scale fighting appears to have eased, small incidents continue with attacks reported on federal forces.

In this exclusive conversation with StratNews Global in Delhi, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to India Dr. Tizita Yimam said a major relief and rehabilitation effort is underway in Tigray province and those who fled are being encouraged to return to their homes.  The Ethiopian government also assisted in the evacuation of about 200 Indians in Tigray, but most opted to stay with things returning to normal.

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The pandemic appears to have been lenient with Ethiopia. Total cases are 1,70,000 with 1,40,000 recovered and 2446 deaths reported.  This is considered small in a nation of 110 million people.
Catch more of this conversation with Ambassador Yimam, the first in our series on Africa. Below are some Quick Facts about Ethiopia:
-Strategically located on the Horn of Africa
-Federal govt headed by the prime minister, 14 provinces
-Landlocked nation, trades through Djibouti port
-Built Grand Renaissance Dam on Nile River
-5000 Indians live in Ethiopia
-India gifted 2.2 million vaccines through Covax Initiative