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10-Year Visa For Investing $500K In Colombo Port City

Three new visa categories have been introduced for individuals arriving in Sri Lanka to engage in economic activities at the Colombo Port City, including visas issued for investors, employment, and property. Speaking to The Morning, Ministry of Public Security Secretary S. Hettiarachchi stated that a minimum of $500,000 should be invested in the Port City to qualify for the “investor” visa that would be valid for 10 years. Foreign nationals employed at the Port City can obtain an “employment” visa, which will be valid for five years, while under the “residential property” visa, those who reside within the Port City on lease could also receive visas for a five-year period. “The visa fee for all categories will be $200. In the ‘investor’ category, the children of those who qualify will also be entitled to visas,” Hettiarachchi added.

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