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Political Deadlock In Thailand

NEW DELHI: Thailand’s political deadlock after elections in May, could see resolution only next week when the Constitutional Court delivers an important ruling of refusing to allow the Move Forward Party a second shot at forming a government.
Move Forward led by Pita Limjaroenrat had won 151 seats in the 500 member parliament and had joined hands with the Pheu Thai Party (that was in second place with 141 seats) and five others to form a government. But his initial bid to form a government failed by 50 votes. Conservative members said they were opposed to his plan to reform a law banning criticism of the monarchy.
Pita Limjaroenrat’s second attempt a week later was blocked on the grounds his name could not be nominated again. His Pheu Thai partner has nor announced to form an alliance with Bhumjaithai party to form the government.
The deadlock and delay has raised fears of renewed public unrest with young people convinced the royalist-military establishment is deliberately working to keep them out of political power.

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