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NATO In Largest Parachute Drop Since WW II: Putin Says West Cheated Russia on Ukraine Talks

Largest paradrop since WW II and what Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping discussed about the Ukraine War

Largest paradrop since WW II; Putin on West’s betrayal

North Atlantic Treaty Organization paratroopers conducted the largest parachute operation since the Second World War, NATO has announced. The operation, part of the military exercise ‘Rapid Reaction 2024’ is within the wider ‘Resolute Defender 2024’ defence manoeuvers. The paradrop marks the largest such NATO operation in several decades. 90,000 soldiers from all 32 NATO countries are involved.

NATO Message To Russia, China

“What we are demonstrating is not only our capability, a U.S. military official said on the largest paradrop since WW II. Adding, “One, we’re working with our allies and partners, and Two, is to show that we are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.”

Putin-Xi Meetings

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, finished his 2-day visit to China. “We were cheated yet another time,” Putin declared at a press conference. “Now we have to figure out whom and how we have to deal with. With whom we can deal. And to what extent we can trust, he added.”

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“West Cheated Russia On Ukraine”

In his media interaction, he accused the West of a betrayal over NATO expansion over the decades. And just before the invasion of Ukraine. Putin stated that Russia has never refused peace talks with Ukraine. But, he accused Kyiv of cutting negotiations short. Putin said Ukraine opted to fight instigated by its “Western handlers.” He also acknowledged that he and Xi had discussed the issue and addressed the French President’s proposal for a global ceasefire during the Paris Olympics in July and August.

At a press conference, Putin said, “We were cheated yet another time. Now we have to figure out whom and how we have to deal with. With whom we can deal. Whom and to what extent we can trust.” This came after he concluded his trip to cement the no-limits strategic partnership with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Olympic Ceasefire

The Ukraine war has triggered the deepest crisis in Moscow’s relations with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Putin discussed the issue of a Ukraine agreement with his host. Xi’s stance impressed him, Putin said. He described Xi’s position as sincere and flexible. Putin appeared to also praise in principle the idea of an Olympic truce in Ukraine. French President Emanuel Macron proposed this during his May 2024 summit with Xi. Only the Ancient Greeks observed such a ceasefire however, Putin added.

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