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“Change begins here,” Keir Starmer after big win; Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn also elected MPs

Loud cheers rang out at the Labour Party as Keir Starmer walked towards the lectern. “We did it. You campaigned for it. You fought for it. You voted for it. And now it has arrived,” said Starmer to loud cheers and slogans. “Change begins now. And it feels good, I have to be honest.”

Keir Starmer was all smiles as his Labour Party emerged the big winner in the UK elections. As he gets ready to take charge as the next Prime Minister of the UK, he reminded his supporters of the journey that had got them till here. “Four and a half years of work changing the party. This is what it is for – a changed Labour Party, ready to serve our country, ready to restore Britain to the service of working people.”

His Labour Party has ended the 14-year rule of the Conservatives. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conceded defeat, took responsibility for the rout and dialled Starmer to congratulate him. Sunak said, “The British people have delivered a sobering verdict tonight. There is much to learn and reflect on, and I take responsibility for the loss to the many good, hardworking, conservative candidates who lost tonight. Despite their tireless efforts, their local records of delivery, and their dedication to their communities. I am sorry.”

This has been a humiliating defeat for the Tories, even though it was not unexpected. The Conservatives are expected to suffer their worst performance in years after the final votes are counted. From all accounts, the Tories were expected to do badly, but Nigel Farage’s fledgling far right party, Reform UK, has done heavy damage by cutting into their votes. It’s a good day for Farage as he finally makes his Parliament debut after eight attempts. “Believe me folks, this is just the first step of something that is going to stun all of you,” said an elated Farage.

Ed Davey, who ran some of the most unconventional campaigns for the Liberal Democrat party this election, has also got reason to smile. ” Tonight the Liberal Democrats are on for our best result for over a century and I am really proud that our party has fought so positively during this campaign, particularly putting the reforming and fixing the crisis in our health and care system right to the forefront,” said the Lib Dem leader.

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Then there’s former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. After the 2019 election disaster for Labour, he was booted out following a controversy. This time he contested as an independent and won.

This has been a remarkable election for Keir Starmer. The Labour Party, just three years ago, was facing an existential crisis and, helmed by Starmer, has not only managed to make a turnaround but rise to power.

No doubt, the many controversies of the ruling Conservative Party inadvertently played a helping hand…whether it was Brixit, Boris Johnson’s partygate during Covid or Liz Truss’s disastrous tax adventure.

But the real task begins now as Keir Starmer comes into power with a mountain of challenges.