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France Elections: Does Mbappe’s Advice On Voting Resonate In His Hometown Near Paris?

“Kylian Mbappe is against extremists, against divisive ideas,” said Frnace‘s talisman, even addressing himself in third person. “Like I said, we have the opportunity to choose our country’s future and we have to emphasise the importance of that task.”

The press conference about Euro 2024 but elections were top of mind for the captain of France’s football team, Kylian Mbappe when he chose to focus on voting with a message for youngsters.

“We see today that the extremists are at the gates of power,” said Mbappe. “We have the opportunity to choose the future of our country. That’s why I call upon the youth to go out and vote, to really be aware of the importance of this situation. I hope to use my voice as best I can because you need to be able to identify with your country. We need to identify with our values which are the values of diversity, tolerance, respect. That’s undeniable.”

President Macron shocked the nation by announcing a snap poll after a beating in the EU polls where the far right party National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen, got almost double the vote share as compared to Macron’s own alliance.

France votes in round one of these polls on June 30.

In Mbappe’s hometown in the suburbs of Paris where he grew up in Bondy, a huge mural of Kylian Mbappe urges people to dream big.

Mbappe is also hopeful his voice will urge more young voters to step out to vote. And what about the voters from Bondy? Does Mbappe’s message resonate with them?

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Leana Aggoune is a care worker who agrees with the footballer. “I have a similar opinion and I think it’s important to go and vote, especially now and for the future generations…. Each vote is important, even if you tell yourself that your vote might not count, I actually think one voice can change quite a few things so I really agree with what he says.

Hip Hop artist Rocketpoow says, “I wasn’t waiting for Kylian Mbappe to become interested in politics. I informed myself. I voted in the European elections. I think it’s important. What I understood from the message is that we must not abstain, that we are lucky to have a voice too, even if everyone says that politicians are all the same and that they are all crooks who are trying to take advantage of us. But I think it’s super important and he used the right words in a situation that is really very complicated in France.

Law student Bahie Soukouna though doesn’t share the same sentiment. “I find that a little regrettable, because in fact, ultimately, Kylian Mbappe is taking sides without really taking sides and he puts the National Rally and the Popular Front on the same footing, when these are not at all parties of the same ilk. I think that we cannot characterise the New Popular Front as extremists at all, so it’s a little disappointing from Kylian Mbappe,” she says.

With less than a fortnight to go for tue elections, Marine Le Pen’s party hit the ground running, buoyed by the party’s performance in the EU polls.

The Left parties have also come together to fight under the banner of Popular Front.

Polls predict Marine Le Pen’s party will be the top performer in the polls, followed by Popular Front with Macron’s centrist alliance coming in at third place.