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End Of The Merkel Era And What Happens Now

NEW DELHI: An era has ended in Germany! The 16-year chancellorship of Angela Merkel and the stability and leadership she brought, both to Germany and to Europe, may never be seen again. So what’s in store for Germany, Europe and of course India?

In this conversation on The Gist, Padma Rao Sundarji, former South Asia Bureau Chief of Der Spiegel magazine, talks about the Merkel legacy and what could be in store over the next few years. The victory of the Social Democrats in Sunday’s elections, who were junior partners in Merkel’s government, could mean new ideas and new policies.

Padma Rao also talks about why Germany lacks the resonance in India that perhaps the UK and France enjoy. She touches on what the new government’s approach to the Indo-Pacific and China could be and the implications for India. She also talks about AfPak and terrorism.

Tune in to this conversation on The Gist with Padma Rao Sundarji.


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