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‘New Covid Strain Spreading Rapidly But Not Clear How Severe It Could Be’

NEW DELHI: In two or three weeks from now, the world will have a better idea about the new Covid-19 strain that is reported to be spreading rapidly in South Africa and some other countries. Even in India, some cases have been detected but it’s too early to determine how deadly it could turn out.

In this conversation on StratNewsGlobal, Dr. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India, said the precautions to be followed are the same as with the Delta strain: avoid crowds, wear masks and preferably some eyewear, and remain in well ventilated areas.
At some point the medical community will review the efficacy of the vaccines against the new strain and determine which works best. He warned against the indiscriminate use of “booster shots” of the vaccine. 
For more on the new Covid-19 strain, tune in to this chat with Dr. Srinath Reddy.

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