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‘Xi Knows Best Is Driving China’s Covid Strategy Of Lockdowns’

NEW DELHI: The news from Shanghai, China’s commercial metropolis, speaks of tightening Covid restrictions, homes and apartments being disinfected and subway stations being shut down. The Tesla factory halted production on Monday as the lockdown, now in its sixth week, has halted the production and supply of components.

In this chat on The Gist, Jeffrey Tucker, president of the Brownstone Institute, a Texas based think tank on social and economic research, argues that the lockdown is not about science. It’s about Xi Jinping and his ‘I know best’ attitude which is driving the lockdowns all over China at a time when the world is moving away from it.

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Xi seems to believe the virus can be eradicated when the science says otherwise. The tough stand on the virus may be dictated by his need for a third term at the coming party congress later this year.

Tune in for more in this converstion with Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute.


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