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‘Taiwan Stirs Chinese Nationalism In A Way India Does Not’

NEW DELHI: Has China shown greater strategic imagination and flexibility in leveraging its two-front threat perception than India? Amit Kumar, Research Analyst at the Takshashila Institution believes so. In a chat on Borderline Xi!, a special series on StratNews Global marking 10 years since the Depsang incident, Kumar believes China has successfully manipulated India’s concerns about the Pak Beijing axis to mitigate its own two-front concerns, namely India and Taiwan. On the same show, Suyash Desai of the Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan, argues that the recent round of air and naval drills by China around the island underscore the deep sentiments at play. Taiwan’s reunification with the mainland is something President Xi will not compromise on, which is why Taiwan is far more important than India. Tune in for more in this chat with Amit Kumar and Suyash Desai.

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