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Military Pressure On India Hasn’t Worked After 1962: Lt Gen DS Hooda

NEW DELHI: Amid an unprecedented spurt in Chinese transgressions at various places in Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), former Northern Army Commander Lt Gen DS Hooda (retd) says India will stand its ground. “Where has military pressure on India worked after 1962? Our ability to monitor transgressions is a lot better now. The Chinese have a lot of pressure points along the LAC. Those can be exploited, if it comes to that,” he told StratNews Global Editor-Min-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale. China expert Jayadeva Ranade, who joined in the conversation, is of the opinion the current bout of muscle-flexing by the Chinese could be a bit of overconfidence at a time China and Xi Jinping in particular are under a lot of pressure due to a host of reasons—global pushback due to Covid-19, protests in Hong Kong, a poor domestic economy that could worsen as global chains move out and a perception that the Community Party’s grip is loosening.

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  • Any nation having a sense of supremacy starts misadventures as and when it feels threatened. Previous occasions the standoffs instigated by pla have been a show of dominance but in current situation aim is different. A country enjoying immunity on all it’s land boarders….has been in a way challenged by entire world..courtesy covid 19..and working in favour of its main friend foe or adversary…..India….so it might be giving them a feeling of threat economically strategically and militarily…….
    They will not be interested in fighting a war but just to create instability in India to create apprehension among investors and mncs interested in banking upon India as alternative to China…….
    This action of Chinese is economy oriented and i perceive going to prevail or continue for quite some time unlike previous….standoffs….i m sure it will….
    An educative discourse very articulately….conducted and keenly participated…

  • The view that China has indulged in strategic overstretch by near simultaneously displaying belligerence against too many countries & territories, is a sign of its overconfidence, may be reasonable. But, it’s necessary to appreciate that on the prevailing scenario, CCP’s authority, as its leadership would view, stands challenged as never before. Thus, CCP would go to any lengths to reassert its relevance & authority, even by resorting to measures which we may even consider foolish. World should be prepared to see continued belligerence and even further calculated escalation from China until, CCP considers, in it’s own assessment, that it has overcome threats to its authority, at least internally.

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