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‘Indo-Pacific Underscores Security Transformation In The Region’

NEW DELHI: The security dynamics of the Indo-Pacific, notably the challenge from China, have forced key players in the region to transform traditional approaches to friends and allies. Thus the US is moving away from its Cold War centred “Hub and Spoke” approach where it had bilateral security ties through the region but those countries had few if any ties to their neighbours.

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This is the argument advocated by Dr. Satoru Nagao of the Hudson Institute think tank.  Tokyo-based Dr.Nagao, in a virtual chat on The Gist, says the US is now moving to establish a network of alliances such as the Quad,  I2U2 and AUKUS. 
India too has been reworking its security sums and deems the Quad a good fit to counter China. Delhi, however, will be publicly cautious about taking on Beijing, preferring to work quietly on the security sphere while publicising initiatives on resilient supply chains, semiconductors and vaccine diplomacy.
Tune in for more in this chat with Dr. Satoru Nagao of the Hudson Institute.