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Chinese Nuclear Ambitions Ride Piggyback On Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Last month, Pakistan integrated the second unit of the Karachi nuclear power plant with the national grid. This Chinese built reactor with an installed capacity of 1100 megawatts is the biggest of the six power plants that Pakistan now has. By building it, China, a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, has reneged on its commitments that bar export of such technology to countries like Pakistan that have not adopted full-scope safeguards over their nuclear programme. In this episode of ‘The Gist’, StratNews Global Editor Surya Gangadharan and Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies, Dr. Manpreet Sethi, discuss whether China is trying to change the global nuclear order and if it will impact India.


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  • Manpreet continues to make well researched and well articulated arguments. Personally, I would like to see her participation I many more nuclear debates.

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