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‘China’s Games over Taiwan Could Be Nearing The Finish Line’

NEW DELHI: China continues to play guessing games over Taiwan, not ruling out the use of force, giving warning hints and never setting deadlines. For Xi Jinping, reunifying Taiwan with the mainland would be another feather in his cap after taking over Hong Kong and burying forever ‘One Country Two Systems’ (although he insists that is not the case).

In this conversation on The Gist, Namrata Hasija, a specialist on China’s foreign policy with focus on Taiwan, sifts through Xi Jinping’s work report to the party congress to find clues to his thinking. Could the reunification deadline be closer than one thinks, 2027 as some believe? And what could be sacrosanct about that date.

What is the view in Taiwan? And how does Taiwan believe China’s takeover could happen? Brute force preceded by covert action on the island to degrade its defences and destroy morale? More important, is the US a credible defence partner that will come to the island’s aid?

Tune in for more in this conversation with Namrata Hasija on the Gist.


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