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China’s Communist Party Congress: Xi Jinping’s Inner Circle, Domestic & Foreign Policy

New Delhi: On ‘Talking Point’, from Taipei, Shikha Aggarwal, a Scholar of Chinese elite politics, Visiting Fellow, National Chengchi University and in New York, Chen Pokong, who was a leader of the 1989 Democracy Movement, is a Political Commentator, YouTuber and Author of several books including an autobiography, ‘My China Story: Crossing the Sea of Terror’ in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.
The panel discusses China’s quinquennial Communist Party Congress in Beijing this week, statements, speeches, outcomes and ramifications, Xi Jinping’s consolidation of all levers of power, rules he has breached only for himself for a third term, the elite power politics of the politburo and standing committee, how who’s-in and who’s-out is intended to chart China’s future course, and what it means for India and the world.


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