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‘China Has No Intention Of Humouring India On The LAC’

NEW DELHI: After 15 rounds of dialogue at the level of military commanders, and a 16th round in the offing, India appears no closer to getting the Chinese out of Patrolling Point 14 which they occupied in the wake of the Galway clashes.

In this chat on The Gist, Jayadeva Ranade of the Centre for China Analysis & Strategy, underscores a point he has been making for some time, that China has no intention of withdrawing. Rather, the speed at which new infra in Tibet is coming up, suggests China may harbour ill intentions towards India going forward.

Ranade also gives his take on an audio recording which purportedly has Communist Party members giving instructions on preparing for mobilisation. Does this suggest China is ready to risk confrontation with the US to strike at Taiwan? Or is the target elsewhere, perhaps India?

Tune in for more in this conversation with Jayadeva Ranade.


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  • The infrerences drawn so far from talks papers articles and action analysis on Indo chinese ongoing silent conflict can be enumerated as:
    A)Chinese don’t have intentions to involve in physical conflict with any coutry
    B)Rather following the Sun t ju…they still believe in posturing and letting the enemy sweat…
    C) A nation with threatened boarder looses out on substantial foreign investments
    D) collusivity in defending two enemies concurrently that too in harsh terrain imposes exponential increase in expenditure thus jeopardizing albeit marginally the other developmental aspects
    E) Giving an agenda to multiple party political system thus generating a nuisance

    Historically China has never fought a full fleged war with any coutry since its inception except 62 conflict which is difficult to be designated as a battle. As far as technical and military might is concerned it may look numerically superior but Eqpt and armament have just been tried in training ranges….
    By opting for setting the TNT blast it will loose the moral superirioty gained in 62….
    So it’s going to continue with psy and attrition tactics posiing as a teaser…for quite some time…..
    Team start news…..has proactively been keeping the tantacles arisen on the subject which actually is need of hour as we as a nation tend to blind eye the threats the moment it looses sight. Atleast the ongoing issue is bringing substantial infra growth and plenty of battle strategies in to being. Great talk it is indeed

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