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A Guide To Contemporary China

 A Guide To Contemporary China

China Sanctions Five US Companies In Response To Washington’s Arms Sales To Taiwan

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that China has decided to impose sanctions on five US defense companies, including freezing movable and immovable assets and other types of property held within China, as well as prohibiting organizations and individuals within China from engaging in transactions, cooperation, and other activities with these companies. The moves are seen by Chinese observers as upgraded countermeasures against US’s “provocative” moves on the Taiwan question. Citing a Pentagon release last month, Reuters reported that the US State Department has approved a $300 million sale of equipment to help maintain the island of Taiwan’s tactical information systems.

Source: Global Times

Stop Bullying Chinese Students In Name Of National Security: China Tells US

China urged the United States to stop bullying and restricting Chinese students in the name of national security, adding the U.S. needs to ensure the security and lawful rights and interests of Chinese students and scholars in the country. Spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a daily press briefing in response to a related query. Wang said the U.S. has long been wantonly suppressing and ill-treating Chinese students traveling to the U.S. with lawful and valid identifications and visas. Some of the students were interrogated, confined, forced into confession, induced and even deported without just cause. Every month for the past few months, the U.S. deported dozens of Chinese arriving in the U.S., including students. “This is a clear case of selective, discriminatory and politically motivated law enforcement. We strongly deplore and firmly oppose this.”

Source: China Military

Maldives President To Visit China From January 8 To 12

President Mohamed Muizzu of the Republic of Maldives will pay a state visit to China from January 8 to 12, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Friday. Detailing Muizzu’s upcoming visit at a regular press briefing, Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said this is President Muizzu’s first state visit to a foreign country since taking office. President Xi will hold a welcome ceremony and banquet for President Muizzu, Wang said, adding that the two heads of state will hold talks and attend a signing ceremony of cooperation documents. Premier Li Qiang and Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhao Leji will also meet with President Muizzu respectively, he added.

Source: CGTN

Party Committee Gives Special Award To China’s Missile Destroyer

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The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Sunday, awarded the prestigious ‘Role Model of the Time’ title to the Party committee of the CNS Nanchang, the country’s first Type 055 guided-missile destroyer. The recognition highlights the Nanchang’s exemplary performance in pushing for combat readiness and successfully completing over 10 major missions. Commissioned in 2020, the Nanchang has logged over 100,000 nautical miles and engaged in maritime interactions with foreign vessels on multiple occasions, demonstrating its operational capabilities. Developed by China State Shipbuilding Corp, the Type 055 is the nation’s most potent destroyer class, boasting a displacement exceeding 12,000 tons and armed with advanced air-defense, anti-missile, anti-ship, anti-submarine, and land-attack weaponry.

Source: China Daily

China’s Forex Reserves Rise To US$3.238 Trillion

China’s forex reserves totalled 3.238 trillion U.S. dollars as of the end of December 2023, rising by 66.2 billion U.S. dollars, or 2.1 percent compared to the end of November, according to data released on Sunday by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). In a statement, the SAFE said that, affected by factors such as the monetary policies of the world’s major economies as well as expectations, the U.S. dollar index saw a decline in December while global financial asset prices generally increased. It attributed the increase in the scale of the country’s foreign exchange reserves to the combined effects of currency translation and changes in asset prices and other factors. The Chinese economy continues to pick up and improve as high-quality development is solidly advanced, which will provide support for the stability of the nation’s foreign exchange reserves, it added.


China’s First Homegrown Cruise Ship Completes Commercial Maiden Voyage

China’s first domestically-built large cruise ship finished its commercial maiden voyage on Sunday after traveling 1,119 nautical miles on the trip of seven days and six nights. Carrying more than 3,000 passengers, the Adora Magic City set off from the Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal on Jan. 1 and stopped at the ports in the city of Seogwipo on Jeju island, the Republic of Korea, as well as the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Fukuoka before returning to the Wusongkou terminal. During the voyage, experts from the Dunhuang Academy gave four lectures, demonstrating the art of Dunhuang grottoes and introducing a digital exhibition jointly organized by the cruise and the academy.

Source: Xinhua