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A Guide To Contemporary China

 A Guide To Contemporary China

China Urges US To Exercise Caution On Taiwan: Defense Spokesperson

“The US side should never attempt to challenge China’s determination to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity at any time,” said Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND), at a regular press briefing on Thursday. According to reports, after China criticized the US littoral combat ship USS Gabrielle Giffords for illegally intruding into waters adjacent to Ren’ai Jiao, part of China’s Nansha Qundao in the South China Sea, a US Navy anti-submarine patrol aircraft flew over the Taiwan Strait on December 6th. When asked to comment on the US’ recent moves, Spokesperson Zhang pointed out that China holds indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Qundao, including Ren’ai Jiao, and the adjacent waters. The US warship illegally intruded into the waters adjacent to Ren’ai Jiao without authorization from the Chinese government, seriously damaging China’s sovereignty and security, violating international law and basic norms governing international relations, and undermining regional peace and stability.

Source: China Military

Chinese, Russian Militaries Hold 7th Joint Aerial Strategic Patrol, Alarm South Korea

The Chinese and Russian militaries on Thursday held their second joint aerial strategic patrol of the year, the seventh in total since 2019, reportedly adding electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft to a group of bombers and fighters, in a move experts said was aimed at safeguarding peace and stability in the region. In accordance with an annual cooperation plan between the Chinese and Russian militaries, the two sides organized and carried out the seventh joint aerial strategic patrol over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea on Thursday, China’s Ministry of National Defense said in a press release on Thursday. Earlier on Thursday, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that two Chinese and four Russian aircraft entered South Korea’s air defense identification zone in the Sea of Japan and exited it without violating South Korea’s air space on the day, Yonhap News Agency reported. The Chinese military aircraft were carrying out routine and conventional flight activities in international air space in compliance with international law, said Mao Ning, a spokesperson at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a regular press conference on Thursday.


China Urges Philippines To Stop Hyping Up Maritime Disputes

A Chinese military spokesperson on Friday reiterated China’s indisputable sovereignty over Nansha Qundao, including Ren’ai Jiao, and their adjacent waters, urging the Philippines to stop stirring up trouble, hyping up the issue and making provocations at sea. When responding to a media query over the latest Ren’ai Jiao incident, Zhang Xiaogang, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense, on Friday stressed that the Chinese military has lodged solemn representations and strongly protested to the Philippine side.  The spokesperson pointed out that on December 10, disregarding repeated warnings by the Chinese side, the Philippine side intruded into adjacent waters of Ren’ai Jiao in China’s Nansha Qundao in an attempt to send construction materials to the illegally grounded warship. According to Zhang, the Philippine ship also deliberately rammed the China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels in a dangerous manner, causing scratching, and some personnel of the Philippine military boarded the illegally grounded warship. The CCG took the necessary measures to restrain it and the on-site handling was professional, restrained, reasonable and lawful, he added.

Source: CGTN

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 US, UK’s Support For Anti-China Rioters Exposes Ill Intention To Destabilize HKSAR: Chinese FM

The US and the UK’s support for anti-China rioters exposed their ill intention to destabilize the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said at Friday’s regular press briefing, in response to the latest remarks by US and UK politicians regarding the issuing of arrest warrants for five fugitives that have fled the HKSAR to overseas. China strongly deplores and firmly opposes certain countries’ flagrant slandering against the national security law for Hong Kong and interference in the rule of law in the HKSAR, and the issuing of arrest warrants for the five fugitives is in line with international law and common practice, said Mao. The National Security Department (NSD) of the Hong Kong Police Force said on Thursday that the police have put on the wanted list five individuals who have fled overseas and are suspected of having committed offences under the national security law for Hong Kong.

Source: Global Times

Over 30 Injured After Subway Train Carriages Separated In Snow-Hit Beijing

More than 30 people were injured after a separation of carriages on a subway train took place along the Changping Line on Thursday evening in snow-hit Beijing, local authorities said. Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said that the accident occurred at 6:57 p.m. Rescuers from emergency, fire, health and traffic departments promptly arrived at the scene and carried out rescue operations. The injured have been sent to hospitals for treatment. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. The unaffected sections of the line remained operational, according to the Beijing Subway. The company apologized for the accident and promised to shoulder the medical cost of the injured passengers. The Chinese capital has been hit by snow since Wednesday, with train operations affected and schools suspended. The city is still on an orange alert for heavy snow, a yellow alert for icy roads, and a blue alert for cold waves. China has a four-tier weather warning system, with red representing the most severe alert, followed by orange, yellow and blue.


China Launches New Remote Sensing Satellite

China successfully launched a new remote sensing satellite into its planned orbit from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on the southern island province of Hainan on Friday. The carrier rocket, coded as Long March-5 Y6, blasted off at 9:41 p.m. (Beijing Time), carrying the Yaogan-41, a high-orbit optical remote sensing satellite. The satellite will be used in land survey, crop yield estimation, environmental management, meteorological warning and forecasting, and comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction. This marks the 502nd mission for the Long March series carrier rockets.

Source: Xinhua