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India’s Startup Economy Takes Flight

NEW DELHI: Little over a fortnight ago, Blume Ventures released its much-awaited report: Indus Valley. Inspired by the legendary Mary Meeker report on Internet Trends, the Indus Valley report offers the best insights into the Indian startup ecosystem. Many consider it the holy grail of Indian startups. This year it has set out the narrative that Indian startups are no longer on the periphery. Whether it be jobs, value creation or exports, Indian startups account for a significant share. For example, startups account for one in ten jobs in the white-collar economy. When did this pivot happen? How did this transformation come about? And what about the future? The Indus Valley report answers all this and more. To unpack the report and its fascinating insights we spoke to Sajith Pai, VC, Blume Ventures and co-author of the report.


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