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Global Nod to India’s Financial Regulation

NEW DELHI: Later this month, the Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das will travel to London to receive the Governor of the Year Award. The same event, hosted by Central Banking, the global repository for all things central banking, will also acknowledge SecurEyes, a home-grown cybersecurity firm with a global footprint. They are being feted for their product, RegTrac—deployed by some central banks to monitor regulatory compliance. Linking both these awards is one central theme: Regulation. The global spotlight on India’s regulatory framework is a tacit recognition that it meets global metrics. At the same time, it is also an acknowledgment that business of regulatory oversight is undergoing a major pivot. It is increasingly being driven by technology, including Artificial Intelligence. Companies like SecurEyes confirm that India too has a presence in this segment of the application software market. To explore these themes we spoke to Seemanta Patnaik, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, SecurEyes.

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