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Ghani Rejects Prospect Of Interim Govt

KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, referring to the recent rumors about the establishment of an interim government as an outcome of a peace process with the Taliban, has said that the Afghan people do not support the dissolution of democracy and that his main duty as president is to peacefully transfer power to his successor […]Read More

Afghan President Invites Taliban To Kandahar To Discuss Peace

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has invited the Taliban to Kandahar for discussions on bringing peace to Afghanistan. In a trip to the southern province on Thursday, Ghani said if the Taliban are willing to bring peace, they can come to Kandahar to hold talks with the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Ghani said […]Read More

Sources Report Breakthrough In Doha Talks

A breakthrough is reported from Doha as the two negotiating teams have agreed to include the U.S.-Taliban deal, UN endorsements for Afghan peace process, commitments of the negotiating teams and will of the Afghan people as the base for upcoming negotiations. Sources said Afghan chief negotiator Mohammad Massoom Stanikzai and presidential peace advisor Salam Rahimi […]Read More

Afghanistan, Pakistan Agree On Shared Vision For Peace

KABUL: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday arrived on a day-long visit to Afghanistan where he met top Afghan government officials including President Ashraf Ghani and the talks between the two were focused on a number of important issues pertaining to the Afghan peace process, bilateral relations and cooperation between the nations on mutual […]Read More

US-Taliban Deal Cannot be Basis For All Topics In Talks:

KABUL: The US-Taliban agreement—signed in Doha in February—cannot be the basis for all topics that will be discussed in the peace negotiations in Qatar, said Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, reiterating that Afghanistan needs inclusive peace. The negotiations in Doha have been paused for the last many weeks over […]Read More

Retired Pak Colonels Training Taliban, Says Afghan General

KABUL: The number of foreign fighters on the battlefields in the eastern parts of Afghanistan has increased, with most of them Pakistani nationals who are fighting alongside the Taliban in areas along the Durand Line, an Afghan Army general said on Monday. A report submitted to the United Nations Security Council on Sunday indicated that […]Read More

Afghanistan: Where Daesh, ISI, Taliban, Haqqani Network Come Together

It’s been less than three months since 27 Afghan Sikhs were killed in an attack on a gurudwara in Kabul. The Islamic State Khorasan Province or ISIS-K claimed responsibility. One of the attackers was Mohammed Sajid Kuthrimal from Kasaragod in Kerala! Viewers will also recall StratNews Global’s exclusive video report on the interrogation in Afghanistan […]Read More

Don’t Repeat Mistakes, Says Top U.S. Negotiator As Ghani, Abdullah

KABUL: After months of political deadlock, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani and his election rival Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing deal in which Ghani retains his post and Abdullah takes a leading role in the peace process. As per the agreement signed on Sunday, Abdullah will head the newly established High Council for Peace and […]Read More

As Ghani Orders Forces Into Offensive Mode, Comes A Taliban

NEW DELHI: Hours after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani ordered troops to switch to ‘offensive’ mode and resume attacks on the Taliban, the terrorist group launched a verbal onslaught, saying the onus of ‘further escalation of violence, ramifications fall squarely on the shoulders of the Kabul administration’. In a televised address on Tuesday, Ghani said the […]Read More

Taliban Seek Release of Suspect In German Embassy Bombing That

KABUL: One of the top 15 prisoners whose release is being demanded by the Taliban, Lailuddin, has been identified by a senior government official as part of a network responsible for major attacks in Kabul, including the German embassy bombing, the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) attack, an attack on former MP Mir Wali and […]Read More