South Asia and Beyond

Discussions Held In Doha Over Istanbul Summit Agenda

Representatives from the UN, Turkey, Qatar and the U.S. have met the peace negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Doha and discussions were held about the agenda of the upcoming conference on Afghan peace in Istanbul. A member of the peace negotiating team representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the talks […]Read More

Moscow Dialogue On Afghan Peace Rejects Return Of Islamic Emirate

Following the Moscow conference on Afghan peace held on Thursday, a joint statement was issued in which the four primary representative countries—Russia, China, the U.S. and Pakistan—stated that they would not support the return of the Islamic emirate system in Afghanistan. The statement also recognised the will of the Afghan people for peace, called for […]Read More

Abdullah Will Lead Delegation To Moscow Summit

A 12-member delegation of the Afghan government led by Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, will attend the Moscow meeting that will be held on Thursday, the reconciliation council confirmed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, said it appreciates efforts made by Afghanistan’s neighboring countries and regional and international […]Read More

Blinken Proposes New Steps to Peace, Keeps May 1 Pullout

KABUL: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in a letter to President Ashraf Ghani, has put forth suggestions to the Afghan government to accelerate the peace process. These include convening a UN-facilitated conference with international stakeholders, proposals to facilitate discussion between the two sides to form a negotiated settlement and ceasefire, a meeting in Turkey […]Read More

Khalilzad Pitched ‘Participatory Govt’ To Afghan Leaders: Sources

NEW DELHI: U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad reportedly discussed the formation of a participatory government in Afghanistan during his recent meetings with the Afghan political leaders in Kabul, including President Ashraf Ghani, sources familiar with the Afghan peace process said on Tuesday. Sources close to former Afghan president Hamid Karzai and Abdullah […]Read More

One Year On, Afghan Govt Sees No Progress in U.S.-Taliban

NEW DELHI: As the deal signed between the former U.S. administration (led by President Donald Trump) and the Taliban marked one year on Sunday, the Afghan government said that the accord did not end up with the expected results as violence in the country has increased. But the Taliban says it is a practical step […]Read More

Russia Asks Taliban To Enter Meaningful Talks, Reduce Violence

NEW DELHI: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called upon the Taliban to reduce violence and enter meaningful talks. The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating and the violence has to stop as soon as possible, he said at a press conference with his Afghan counterpart Mohammad Haneef Atmar in Moscow on Friday. Lavrov said Moscow […]Read More

Russian Envoy Calls For Transitional Govt In Afghanistan

KABUL: Russian special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov prefers that all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan agree on the establishment of an inclusive and transitional coalition government. In an interview with ‘Sputnik’, when asked about the Taliban’s alleged agenda to take complete control of Afghanistan, the Russian envoy stated that it would be a […]Read More

Open Letter To The Afghan Taliban

Dear Taliban, A lot has changed in the three years that have passed since you published an Open Letter to the American People (on February 14, 2018) and I responded with my own to you (in the New Yorker, February 27, 2018). Two years almost to the day after my letter, on February 29, 2020, […]Read More

Taliban Doha Deal Doesn’t Address Pak Terror Sanctuaries: Former U.S.

KABUL: “We recommend that U.S. forces do not leave on May 1, 2021 unless the conditions in the February 2020 agreements (the U.S. Taliban Doha deal and the U.S.-Afghanistan Declaration) are made,” General (Retd) Joseph Dunford, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during most of Donald Trump’s presidency and also commanded […]Read More