South Asia and Beyond

Foreign Terrorists In Afghanistan Pose Threat: Pakistani Envoy

Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul has expressed concerns over the presence of foreign terrorist groups in Afghanistan and warned that their presence threatens Pakistan and the region. Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan told Tolo News’ Hamid Bahram that al-Qaeda and Daesh pose a threat. “Terrorist organisations present in Afghanistan have been posing threats to the security of […]Read More

Resistance Front Proposes Transitional Govt To Islamic Emirate

A member of the negotiating team of the Resistance Front (RF) says they proposed the establishment of a transitional government in Afghanistan in their two-day meeting with officials of the Islamic Emirate hosted by Tehran. The Islamic Emirate delegates visited Iran on Saturday and returned to Kabul on Monday. The RF member, speaking on condition […]Read More

Putin Says Afghanistan Situation Requires ‘Additional Measures’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concerns over recent developments in Afghanistan, saying that the situation in Afghanistan “prompts the need for additional measures” to ensure his country’s security. “We face serious tasks in the Afghan direction, especially after the Americans have pulled out from that country,” he said. He made the remarks at a […]Read More

Afghan Forces Consider Ways To Use Bagram Airfield

The evacuation of the U.S. forces from Bagram Airfield has been accompanied by many questions as well as concerns. Tolo News reporter Khalid Nikzad was one of the first Afghan reporters who visited the base after the full evacuation. Sources told him that on Thursday night the lights at the base were turned off suddenly […]Read More