South Asia and Beyond

Myanmar Unanimously Defies Junta With Silent Strike

Myanmar’s people collectively showed their defiance of the junta with a successful nationwide silent strike on Friday, making it clear once again that the regime would never be allowed to rule them, despite its seizure of power from the country’s democratically elected government in a February 1 coup. Roads in cities across the country, including […]Read More

In Another Snub, Myanmar Junta Barred From Asia-Europe Meeting

Myanmar’s military regime, which has become notorious for its brutal crackdowns on protesters, is appearing increasingly isolated on the world stage after being shunned from another international summit on Thursday, in the third such snub in two months. The two-day virtual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) involving leaders of Asia and Europe is being hosted by Cambodia. […]Read More

ASEAN Invites Minister From Myanmar’s Shadow Civilian Govt to Climate

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has for the first time invited a minister from Myanmar’s parallel government to an international conference organised by the regional bloc. The move is a significant sign that the 10-member grouping is starting to officially engage with the National Unity Government (NUG), which was formed as the country’s […]Read More

Myanmar Junta Loses 1,300 Soldiers Killed Over Last Month: NUG

Myanmar’s military has suffered its heaviest losses yet over the last month, with 1,300 soldiers killed and 463 injured in clashes with civilian resistance groups, according to the country’s shadow National Unity Government’s (NUG) Defense Ministry. The junta’s casualties are almost double the number the regime suffered in September. In September, a total of 768 […]Read More

US Hopes Richardson’s Quiet Visit Can Produce Results

News of former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson’s visit to conflict-torn Myanmar has not generated excitement among the public. Reports suggest that Richardson is scheduled to meet the regime’s health and foreign ministers, and that he is likely to meet coup leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. The Biden administration welcomed former New […]Read More

UN Envoy Joins Her Predecessors In Myanmar’s ‘Graveyard Of Diplomats’

Under the previous military regime, Myanmar was known as a “diplomatic graveyard”, chiefly for the UN’s failed missions to the country on issues ranging from humanitarian assistance to national reconciliation between the junta’s old boys and their democratic opponents—primarily the now ousted and detained leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. That bad reputation persists for […]Read More

Striking Cops Form Shadow Police Force to Oppose Myanmar Junta

Striking police officers in Kayah State have formed a police force which will work together with anti-regime groups to fight military rule. It is the first such shadow police force to be formed in Myanmar since the junta’s February 1 coup. The Karenni State Police (KSP) was formed on August 15 under the leadership of […]Read More

Myanmar Junta Sells Off $90m Since Coup

The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM), which is controlled by the military regime, has sold nearly US$90 million (148 billion kyats) since the February coup as the kyat’s value tumbles. The CMB auctioned $6.8 million to domestic banks in February following the coup, $12 million in April, $24 million in May, $12 million in June […]Read More