South Asia and Beyond

Is Bangladesh Slowly Embracing An Indo-Pacific Strategy?

DHAKA: Bangladesh is visibly and invisibly leaning towards the superpowers, including the United States, China and Russia. But it also has friends and allies in the Middle East. India has been a proven friend, which has partnered Bangladesh’s development. Bangladesh is now inching closer to embracing the Indo-Pacific strategy, despite the country’s professed non-aligned foreign […]Read More

Why India And Bangladesh Need To Resolve The Teesta Water-Sharing Issue Ahead Of Elections

DHAKA: Both Bangladesh and India are embarrassed over the immense delay towards a sustainable solution to sharing of the trans-boundary Teesta river, which remains a bone of contention between the two closest neighbours. This week Bangladesh raised fresh concern with New Delhi, after an Indian newspaper, The Telegraph, reported that West Bengal government has plans […]Read More