South Asia and Beyond

Technological Sovereignty And How India Lacks It

NEW DELHI: As India moves into occupying the space of an IT superpower, the ability of the Information and communications technology (ICT) industry to provide the requisite technologies reliably for civilian and military requirements needs to be significantly enhanced. The issue is complicated by the fact that India has limited presence at the high-stakes table […]Read More

China Virus And Its Impact On Digital Economy

NEW DELHI: As the China virus ravages people’s lives and economies globally, and with more than 50 per cent of the people on this planet in lockdown, it has had a deep impact on digital economy. For starters, people have moved towards a more digital approach to work and life. A cultural change that would […]Read More

Coronavirus The Proverbial Last Straw For Pakistan?

NEW DELHI: Pakistan has been reeling under severe economic challenges for the past twelve months, barely avoiding a sovereign default with handouts from Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and the IMF. Keeping in mind that Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world, an economic collapse will have severe human implications but in terms of […]Read More