South Asia and Beyond

Understanding China’s Global Ambitions

NEW DELHI: Locked in a power competition with the United States and in the midst of territorial disputes with many countries, what are China’s global ambitions and what are the means it is deploying to achieve its goals? About 60 experts from nearly a dozen countries put forth their views at a two-day Global Conference […]Read More

No Kidding! One Barbie, Many Takeaways

I had a school girl Barbie who wore a red tunic and white shirt. I still have her shoe! NEW DELHI: For my generation, Barbie still holds a special spot in our hearts. It was about personalization. Barbie was always about the power a girl possesses inside her, also the idea that ‘you could be […]Read More

Chinese Media Downplayed Galwan Clash Reports, But India Blamed

It’s interesting to note how the Chinese media, which is largely state-controlled, covered the clash in the Galwan Valley on June 15, 2020. Understanding China’s narrative is crucial to comprehend its larger perspective and evolving stance on India. First and foremost, Chinese media gave limited prominence to the Galwan crisis. News about the clash, seen […]Read More