South Asia and Beyond

Diplomacy On The Table: Get The Cuisine Right, Serve It

NEW DELHI: Russia’s military shadow boxing over Ukraine may have overshadowed the rather fascinating display of lunch diplomacy that played out at the Kremlin, where President Putin hosted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. While the 16-feet-long table that separated the two has conveyed conflicting interpretations (including reportedly Putin’s determination to remain Covid-free), the lavish menu […]Read More

Worth Its Salt: The Indo-Afghan Culinary Connect

NEW DELHI: Even as images of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan dominate our minds and a large-scale humanitarian crisis seems impending, cast your mind back to earlier times when popular associations with the mountain kingdom were rather different. “The Great Game” began with the first Anglo-Afghan war in the mid-19th century but it did not […]Read More

The Tourist Getaway Of Al-Ula: Confluence Of The Ancient And

NEW DELHI: When international travel finally opens up and we begin to emerge from our cloistered existences, which is that one place you would like to visit the most? If history, architecture, and the deep quiet of a vast desert—stories of an oasis at the crossroads of the ancient incense and silk routes—attract you, one […]Read More