South Asia and Beyond

Using Coercive Economic Tools As Strategic Leverage

NEW DELHI: As the world becomes more economically integrated, a complex web of asymmetric interdependences has emerged, allowing some states to wield disproportionate economic power. Consequently, recourse to economic coercion as a tool for compelling, deterrence, or co-optation has become much more frequent in current times. Debates around dependence-induced strategic and critical vulnerabilities have thus […]Read More

U.S. Seeks To Deny China Access To Key Semiconductor Technologies

BENGALURU: The U.S.-China geopolitical fault lines in high technology have become sharper than ever and nowhere has it been more significant than in the domain of semiconductors. Semiconductors are critical to advanced computing and artificial intelligence (AI) that will form the core of the next-generation industrial revolution. They also have significant implications for advanced and […]Read More