South Asia and Beyond

Maj. Gen. Ajay Das (Retd)

He is Psc, HDMC and holds Masters Degrees in Strategic Studies and also in Management Studies. He has been a teaching faculty and Head of Deptt of Strategic Management at the College of Defence Management (CDM). He has also been a Security Advisor to a foreign Govt; Additional Director General of Public Information at the Army HQ and GOC of two operationally committed formations. His interests are in areas of geopolitics and international relations with domain expertise in Systems View, Net Assessment, Scenario Building & Analysis.

Theaterisation: Still A Case of Blind Men And The Elephant

NEW DELHI: Considering that the idea of theaterisation and integration of Indian Armed Forces that found favour almost two decades back continues to linger without concretisation is disconcerting. While achieving political consensus may be blamed for initial delays, its current inertia is to be squarely blamed on lack of conceptual clarity amongst the senior military […]Read More

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