South Asia and Beyond

Ramping Up Air Assets To Counter Chinese Threat: India Looks

NEW DELHI: Even as the standoff between Indian and Chinese troops at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh continues nine months on, the Indian security establishment’s assessment is that China could try to create trouble along the eastern frontier in Arunachal Pradesh where India’s defences have traditionally been weak, given the difficult […]Read More

Vax Indica: Delhi’s COVID Diplomacy

NEW DELHI: India has delivered over 6 million COVID vaccine doses to its neighbours and the extended neighbourhood both as aid and as commercial exports. 10 million doses are also planned for Africa and 1 million for UN healthcare workers. On ‘Talking Point’ , Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, former Indian envoy to Nepal and the […]Read More

Time For New U.S. Paradigm To Deal With China

NEW DELHI: By any academic standard, this could be considered unusual. The Washington DC-based think tank, Atlantic Council, has published a strategy paper by an anonymous author on how to deal with China. The foreword describes the author as a “former senior government official with deep expertise and experience dealing with China”. It describes the […]Read More

Hot Summer On The LAC? Looking Ahead At India-China Relations

NEW DELHI: Nine months into the LAC standoff in eastern Ladakh and despite nine rounds of Corps commander-level talks, there’s no resolution yet. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar today said the standoff has ‘profoundly disturbed’ India-China ties, adding that India is yet to receive any credible explanation on why China massed its troops. He struck […]Read More

India-Bangladesh Ties: Golden Jubilee, Headwinds Ahead

NEW DELHI: Fifty years ago, the liberation struggle in East Pakistan, actively assisted by India’s military might, led to the creation of a separate nation—Bangladesh. Yesterday, on India’s 72nd Republic Day, a 122-member Bangladeshi military contingent led the parade; some of them were from units that fought in the liberation war. This was the third […]Read More

Xi’s New Year Gambit: From Sikkim To Taiwan

NEW DELHI: With barely a week gone since Joe Biden took over as U.S. President, China has upped the ante on Taiwan which says Chinese military planes have violated Taiwanese airspace for the third day on the trot. And in India, despite nine rounds of Corps commander-level talks on the LAC standoff, there’s no resolution […]Read More

Major Bob Khathing And The Mission To Bring Tawang Under

NEW DELHI: It’s one of the less-talked-about missions that India has undertaken but seventy years ago, the country gained a strategic asset by taking control of Tawang which was then being administered by Tibetans. The operation that was ordered by then Assam Governor, apparently without the knowledge of then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, was carried […]Read More

Vaccines & Variants: The Beginning Of The End Or The

NEW DELHI: In a first step, about fifty million doses of Covid vaccines (for a world population of nearly eight billion) have been administered across the globe in a month since the first approval for use. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is aiming to distribute two billion doses worldwide by the end of this year. India’s […]Read More

India-U.S. Ties: Continuity Or Change?

NEW DELHI: Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris has also taken oath as the 49th Vice President. On day one in office, the President has signed 15 executive orders, reversing some key foreign policy and national security decisions of former President Donald Trump. The orders encompass rejoining the Paris […]Read More