South Asia and Beyond

‘The New Border Law May Not Impact India And Bhutan

NEW DELHI: China’s new border management law was approved by the country’s parliament over the weekend. It apparently flows from President Xi Jinping’s thinking that strengthening borders with neighbours is essential to Beijing’s global ambitions. Prof Srikanth Kondapalli, who teaches and researches on China at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, spoke to StratNewsGlobal about the import […]Read More

Using Soft Power To Revitalise Bilateral Ties

NEW DELHI: Culture and civilizational connections can be leveraged to give a fresh impetus to bilateral relationships, as India has been doing with some of its neighbours. The inauguration of an international airport at Kushinagar, where Lord Buddha attained mahaparinirvana, is the latest example and an attempt to bolster the somewhat strained relationship with Sri […]Read More

India, UK Stress Strong Climate Agenda Ahead Of COP26

NEW DELHI: The two-day visit of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was heavily fixated on climate change, an indication of the importance London attaches to a successful outcome of the COP26 summit in Glasgow later this month. The UK will be investing over eleven million pounds into two venture capital funds aimed at supporting India’s […]Read More

‘New Reality Of Practical Engagement Separate From Official Recognition Of

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point’, Ambassador P.S. Raghavan, Former Head, National Security Advisory Board and India’s Ex-Envoy to Russia and Ambassador Amar Sinha, Former Member, National Security Advisory Board and India’s Former Envoy to Afghanistan and Tajikistan in analysis with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. The panellists discuss the ‘Moscow Format’ talks between […]Read More

OFB Corporatisation Complete: The Road Ahead

NEW DELHI: Seven new defence companies, carved out of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), will enhance functional autonomy, efficiency and unleash new growth potential & innovation, officials say. Government had decided to convert OFB from a Government Department into seven 100 per cent Government-owned corporate entities as a measure to improve self-reliance in the defence preparedness […]Read More

‘Awami League Cadres Behind Attacks On Puja Pandals’

NEW DELHI: The Islamist groups are not behind the attacks on Durga Puja pandals in Bangladesh, this is the work of the lower level cadres of the ruling Awami League! For Indians conditioned to believing that the Awami League is pro-India, this may come as a shock. But journalist and columnist Saleem Samad argues that […]Read More

What The New Alignment Means For West Asia And The

NEW DELHI: On ‘The Gist‘, Ambassador Navtej Sarna, India’s Former Envoy to U.S., Israel and UK and Author, ‘Indians at Herod’s Gate: A Jerusalem Tale’ in discussion with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. Ambassador Sarna gives perspective to the part in-person and part virtual meeting between India’s Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, Israeli […]Read More

I Will Be Don Quixote And Lead The Charge, You

NEW DELHI: “It is tantamount to tilting at windmills according to some, she(Sushma Swaraj) ominously adds…finally she concludes in a lighter vein,’Don’t worry, I will be Don Quixote and lead the charge. You can be Sancho Panza.’ I take it that this is her way of signalling that we can proceed full throttle and assuring […]Read More

Why China Is Playing Hardball In Ladakh

NEW DELHI: The 13th round of talks between the Corps commanders of India and China didn’t go as China watchers would have expected. India says it put forth constructive suggestions for resolving the remaining friction points in eastern Ladakh but China neither agreed to them nor put forth any forward-looking proposals. In this episode of […]Read More

India Pushes Ambitious Trade Deals, Correction Of ‘Historical Wrongs’

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point‘, Ambassador Mohan Kumar, India’s ex-lead negotiator to the GATT and WTO, Chairman, RIS and Dean, International Affairs and Professor of Diplomatic Practice at Jindal Global University and Ambassador Jayant Dasgupta, India’s Former Ambassador, WTO, Former Secretary, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council and Member, RIS in discussion with StratNews Global Associate […]Read More