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‘India, Australia Have Many Milestones Already Achieved With More To Follow’

NEW DELHI: India and Australia have entered their T20 innings, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Sydney on Tuesday, which means the two countries are on a high when it comes to the bilateral relationship with key milestones achieved and more on the way.

That was Anil Wadhwa, former diplomat who chaired the India Australia Economic Strategy Report two years ago. Answering questions on The Gist, Ambassador Wadhwa said many of the issues he had flagged in the report, are already being implemented. The report recommended opening two more Indian consulates in Australia is half way done with government approval for one in Brisbane. Adelaide could follow later, he indicated. Australia too has got its consulate in Bengaluru.

Whether it is the joint task force on hydrogen or cooperation in space, both countries are moving forward in those spheres, he said. Even in defence the scope for working together has deepened given their concerns about China. India also hopes to build Australian warships in its yards.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Ambassador Anil Wadhwa.


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