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Dynamic Foreign Policy With Constructive Approach Under Modi, Says Australian Academic

NEW DELHI: How has India’s foreign policy changed since Narendra Modi took charge as prime minister in 2014? And what has it achieved? There’s some continuity with the foreign policy of the earlier government (led by Manmohan Singh) but it aspires to be transformational, says Australian academic Dr Ian Hall, speaking to StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale, about his book ‘Modi And The Reinvention Of Indian Foreign Policy’. It’s been a dynamic policy with a constructive approach and, right from the beginning, Modi has tried to inject an immense amount of energy, said Dr Hall, who teaches at Australia’s Griffith University. So has the approach worked? It’s a mixed bag, he says, given that ‘external circumstances have been difficult’ since Modi took over and India’s economy ‘has not done as well as it could have’.

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