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‘Philippines President Marcos Is Pro-China But Will Continue Outreach To India’

NEW DELHI: The Philippines has a new president. Ferdinand Marcos was formally proclaimed president at a Congressional ceremony in Manila but will take over on June 30th.

Speaking on The Gist, Charmaine Willoughby, associate professor of international studies at De La Salle University in the capital, that although Marcos won nearly 59% of the popular vote, there is anger and resentment in many quarters over his victory. He could use his position to cover up the charges of misdeeds against his late father of the same name, who was president in the 1980s until his ouster in 1986.

Willoughby says Marcos’ election underscores another point: his pro-China leanings even though the public is firmly opposed to Beijing.

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On India, he is expected to continue the outreach initiated by his predecessor Duterte, especially in the areas of digital governance and disaster relief. On military ties she was less emphatic, pointing out that the public would prefer closer ties with the Philippines traditional partners the US and Australia.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Charmaine Willoughby.