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Changing Track On Taiwan

 Changing Track On Taiwan

Has the time come for India to change track on Taiwan? Until now it’s been bending over backwards to please China, with the result the flow of commerce and technology has been squeezed while also limiting South Block’s diplomatic leverage vis a vis Beijing.  StratNews Global learns this may be changing. The idea is to unshackle the commercial/trade relationship to ensure ease of doing business for Taiwanese corporates. This may include exchange of official visits, perhaps at the commerce ministers level or IT. It could even see Indian delegations from the Centre or the states heading for Taiwan to make investment pitches. India is particularly interested in Taiwan’s 5G expertise especially in hardware and the breadth of its electronics and semiconductors industry. Technical textiles is another Taiwanese strongpoint. Add to that industrial robotics and those new technologies that are reshaping the world we live in. The only question is how soon India will bite the bullet.


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