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Ethiopia vs Tigray: Between Shaky Ceasefire And Uncertain Peace

NEW DELHI: More questions than answers ever since the Ethiopian federal government in Addis Ababa ordered the withdrawal of its forces from the northern region of Tigray after nearly 10 months of bitter fighting and alleged atrocities committed by both sides.

In this conversation on The Gist, Samuel Getachew, a journalist based in the Ethiopian capital, points to the lack of a credible objective narrative about the situation given that there is no access to Tigray. But there is no doubt that Ethiopian forces have withdrawn from Tigray, while the Tigrayan forces say they are pushing south towards Ethiopia. They seem determined to restore the pre-war borders.

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There is talk of peace negotiations but Addis Ababa says it will not deal with the Tigrayan forces it deems terrorists. Social media is full of Tigrayan and Ethiopian voices making demands or setting goals neither of which maybe achieved.

More in this conversation with Samuel Getachew on The Gist.


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