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Russia Simulates Launch Of Iskander Ballistic Missile

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Russia practiced the electronic launch of Iskander ballistic missiles as part of a training exercise in its Jewish Autonomous Region, which borders China, according to the Interfax news agency.

Targeting and Training Details

The exercise involved simulating missile launches after receiving target coordinates. The Iskander missile launchers “destroyed” command posts and air defence facilities of a conditional enemy. These electronic missile launches were performed over several hundred kilometres, as reported by the military district’s press service.

Recent Drills and Tactical Training

This electronic launch training follows similar drills conducted last month, which were part of Russia’s efforts to practice deploying tactical nuclear weapons. These exercises are part of ongoing military preparedness and strategic training initiatives.

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The recent drills highlight Russia’s continued focus on enhancing its missile capabilities and readiness through regular training exercises. The use of electronic launches allows for effective practice without the actual deployment of live missiles, ensuring strategic preparedness.

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