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‘China Frustrated By Its Inability To Bring Nepal’s Communist Parties Together’

KATHMANDU: China has ambitious plans for Nepal, witness its expanding influence in the country and its single minded focus on uniting the feuding communist parties. In this chat on The Gist, Anil Giri, senior journalist with The Kathmandu Post, argues that China’s rise has important geopolitical implications for Nepal. China sees its periphery in security terms and therefore sees stability in Nepal as a sine qua non. But political stability has eluded this country since the overthrow of the monarchy and the lack of ideological commitment means personality differences tend to rule. So Maoist leader Prachanda has allied with Deuba of the Nepali Congress after fellow comrade KP Sharma Oli did not make him prime minister as he had promised. Giri makes the point that the communists have an edge in Nepal given that over 50% of the electorate vote for them. Yet their inability to overcome differences at the leadership level has frustrated China’s efforts. India has opted in the last few years for a lower profile in Nepal, letting its work speak for itself. But concerns over China’s inroads into Nepal are evident and there seems to be an understanding Delhi has with the US on policy towards Kathmandu. Tune in for more in this conversation with Anil Giri.


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